Prospects of Integrating TrackIR with MSFS on Xbox Platforms

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Will TrackIR ever be set up for MSFS on Xbox?

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From my knowledge, integrating TrackIR with Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) on Xbox poses a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Let's delve into this intriguing topic.

1. Technical Feasibility

  • TrackIR's technology hinges on head-tracking, allowing users to control the in-game camera with natural head movements. This is achieved through infrared (IR) tracking, which is currently not natively supported on Xbox.
  • To implement TrackIR on Xbox, there would need to be either an adaptation of the Xbox hardware to support IR tracking, or a reconfiguration of TrackIR to be compatible with Xbox's existing technology.

2. Market Demand and Developer Interest

  • The demand from the simming community plays a crucial role. If there's a substantial interest in TrackIR for Xbox among MSFS users, this could drive the developers to explore solutions.
  • Engagement with the community, through forums like this, can help gauge interest and potentially influence the developers' roadmap.

3. Alternative Solutions

  • In the interim, Xbox users can explore alternative head-tracking solutions that are compatible with the console. This includes using smartphones or webcams with specific software to simulate head-tracking features.
  • These solutions, while not as precise as TrackIR, can provide a similar experience for console users.

4. Potential Limitations

  • It's important to consider potential limitations like increased system requirements, potential latency issues, and the need for additional peripherals, which might affect the user experience on the Xbox.

5. Future Outlook

  • As technology evolves, the gap between PC and console capabilities is narrowing. This could lead to more advanced features like TrackIR becoming viable on consoles in the future.
  • Keeping an eye on official announcements from both the MSFS development team and TrackIR creators will provide the most accurate updates on this possibility.

In Conclusion:
While the integration of TrackIR in MSFS on Xbox is not currently available, the evolving landscape of gaming technology and community feedback could influence future developments. Your keen interest in this feature is a vital part of the dialogue that pushes the boundaries of flight simulation experiences.

Do you have any specific features or alternatives you've been considering? Feel free to share, and let's discuss further!

Graeme Simpson Guest

Thanks Ian for your reply
I use Headtracking all the time on my FSX PC

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