Navigating the Boeing 247 D Startup Procedure in MSFS 2020: Alternatives to 'Ctrl+E

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The start-up procedure is clearly laid out on the plate placed in the cockpit. But it's complicated. There must be an easier way: "ctrl E" is not functional - should I wait for a change? Or is anyone else having this difficulty? Thank you for your reply -
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Your inquiry about the Boeing 247 D start-up sequence in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) touches on a nuanced aspect of flight simulation that many enthusiasts find both challenging and rewarding. The detail and complexity integrated into these procedures reflect a commitment to realism and authenticity, a hallmark of the latest simulation platforms like MSFS 2020 and, where applicable, X-Plane 12.

The absence of the 'Ctrl+E' shortcut for this particular aircraft underscores the developers' intent for simmers to engage more deeply with the aircraft's systems and operations. While this may initially seem daunting, it opens the door to a richer, more immersive simulation experience.

Here are a few strategies to simplify the start-up process:

  1. Study the Checklist: Spend some time with the checklist provided in the cockpit plate. Familiarity with the procedure can make it less overwhelming.
  2. Simulator Tutorials and Guides: Look for tutorials specific to the Boeing 247 D within the simulator's learning center or on the official MSFS forum. These can offer step-by-step guidance.
  3. Community Resources: The flight sim community is an invaluable resource. Forums hosted by Fly Away Simulation and other dedicated platforms often have experienced simmers who share tips, tricks, and simplified procedures.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect: Consider starting up the aircraft in a no-pressure scenario, allowing yourself the time to practice without the stress of a full flight looming.

Asking for More Details:
Should you need more specific advice, don't hesitate to ask for further details. Clarifying exactly which step or aspect of the process you're finding challenging can help others provide more targeted advice.

Looking Forward:
While waiting for potential updates or modifications from the developers might seem like an option, engaging with the simulation community and leveraging existing resources can greatly enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the simulator in its current state.

Remember, the complexity of these procedures adds layers to the simulation, making each flight not just a journey but a learning experience. As you become more familiar with the Boeing 247 D, you'll find that what was once complicated becomes second nature.

External Resources:
For further reading and resources, consider checking out:
- Fly Away Simulation's own forums and tutorials
- Official Microsoft Flight Simulator website for updates and guides

In closing, your journey with the Boeing 247 D epitomizes the spirit of flight simulation - a continuous learning curve filled with challenges and triumphs. Embrace the complexity, and you'll find each flight more rewarding than the last.

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