Current Touchscreen recommendations for a G1000 aircraft?

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Hi All, 

I am setting up a sim (not minimal, but not "full") to practice procedures for a Mooney M20TN (Acclaim). I have Xplane 11 with a TorqueSim model for the Acclaim, which seems pretty good. It uses the X-Plane 11 G1000 simulation. 

I am looking for 1, or more likely 2, touchscreens to simulate the panel. To be used with a new Ryzen build I put together, using the RTX 4070 card (so plenty of DP outputs). Will use a single larger display for scenery, which is a lesser priority as the focus will be IFR and procedures training. 

Thinking 2 x 24" touchscreens, similar to the ViewSonic TD2423D 24 Inch 1080p  ( ). This monitor has a Mac driver in case I want to use it later with my other computers (most of them are Macs). 

Any advice on the "sweet spot" for simulating a G1000 bird? I'm thinking two mid-sized monitors makes sense, and 22-24" seems like a decent place. 

Thank you, 


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