Recommendations for a Payware Airbus A320

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Hey peeps,

Has anyone got any good recommendations for any payware Airbus 320s?

I have been looking at the Wilco website, but not 100% happy with that one. Also looked at the phoenix-simulation software website, but they don't let you purchase a download.

Any recommendations would be helpful


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Doyley Captain

I use the commercial level solutions website and they have some excellent airbus planes.

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leachus2002 First Officer

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply, but unfortunately they don't have a A320 😞

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Jared Captain

Well If you have patience you can wait for PMDG's A320.

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

PSS A319/A320/A321 <<<< Click me

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Bindolaf Captain

PSS makes the only Airbus sims out there of any worth. Still, they are kind of old and not 100% complete. Both FeelThere and PMDG will release Airbus families, but probably not until Q4 2006 - maybe even later. Up to you 🙂

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