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I have FS2002 running under winXP¨SP1 with all security update and DX9b (the last realesed).

And I can't use my ms sidewider joystick under FS. Win reconised it but not FS.

I try X-Plane and all work but under FS nothing detected. And other games too, but FS2002?

I have the same config before I change my hardware and all work perfectly the only thing witch change (unless motherbord and CPU) is the sound card: I had a Sound blaster before(with joystick port) and now it is a Realteck AC'97 sound card.

Can anybody help me to make my joystick work under FS.

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Yes Im having similar problems although I cant get Sidewinder Joystick to work in FS 2002 or 1998. It works in Windows when you callaberate it but thats it. Have tried assigning buttons but it automatically goes back to its original settings and I don't know hw to overcome this. So if there is anyone out there who can help us would be most grateful.


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Your both asking a number of questions so here are some possible solutions for all of them.
Good luck and if you need more help let us know.




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