Joystick forces compared to Fs2002

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Since I bought Fs2004 I've noticed that the G forces were decreased (using SideWinder Force Feadback 2) compared to Fs2002.

Suddenly trimming is not needed due to weak G froces.
When taxing the Boeing 737, bumps on the ground are almost not sensed.
When taking off, I can hardly feel air resistance and the nose raises too high.
Non of these things had occurred when I used Fs2002.
* The Joystick is OK and is working properly.

Has anyone noticed this phenomenon in Fs2004?
Is it possible to fix the problem?
(Or maybe it's only my Flight Simulator?)

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fyremanbill Trainee

I've experienced very similar conditions with my Sidewinder as well. I have also noticed that one of the aircraft (not sure which one) exhibits excessive g-forces when taxiing speed increases to the point I actually have to let go of the stick so that it doesn't yank my shoulder out of place! No idea what causes these various actions - thought it was just my joystick!


Actually I ment that the forces are LIGHTER than the 2002 version.

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