Sidewinder Joystick Problem

andyh2004 Guest


Having an issue trying to use a ms sidewinder joystick with fltsim 2004.

- very jerky screen
- joystick doesn't control correctly (up and down ok...turns, big problem)
- feeds back at incorrect times

pIII running win2000

Once i disable the joystick the sim works great. I have downloaded the latest driver upgrade for the sidewinder but when i attempt to install msg pops up saying upgrade not required.

I would be thankful for any insight....


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tomthetank Chief Captain

Hi andyh2004

When you say you are running Win 2000 do you mean Win ME or that thing which was the forunner of XP

XP has a problem with sidewinder(even thou they are both Microsoft)and are no longer being made because of this

Have you been to the knowledge base

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