Stone Mountain? Supposed to be in ATL GA, USA!


Hi folks!
NOOB ALERT!! - lol
This would be my first post here, just registered and waiting for verify link.
I look forward to all the goodies that are offered here!
Adding planes and scenery is kinda new to me, but doesnt seem too complicated.

Anyway - I live in Georgia, somewhat close to Stone Mountain.
Out of all the Flight Sims I have played, I have never seen my home town land mark 😞

For those who dont know about Stone Mountain - here are some images

Has anyone ever seen, or heard of this scenery?
Its not in the FS04 for sure, and I havent seen it in any other versions of FS.
I am supprised its not there given the level of historical value it holds!
Hope to hear something good soon!

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Believe it or not, but some kind soul made it for 2002 and there's an excellent chance that it'll work in 2004.



did you try to d/l the files yourself?
I cant seem to bribe IE to get the d/l 😞

Tried lower IE settings to no avail, signed up for their membership.....

Its nice to see the person who made it, must have been there at night!
Buddy put fireworks in it!
now - if only I can just get the files, and try it in FS04


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No I didn't download it but we've had a few members with the same problem on avsim.
I suggested to download and use Firefox just for that site and it works.
Watch where it downloads to and don't use it as your default browser, it's not that secure.



Ok - I got the files

This is the first time I have tried installing new scenery, and the results were......almost correct - lol

THE FIREWORKS AND LAZER SHOW WORKS GREAT!! just cant see the mountain, and ground graphics are wacked bad.
and believe me - the mountain is there! lol

Now Im not sure if its not working right because of FS04 compatibility, or if I did something wrong.
The instructions (readme.txt) has some directions that i dont see in FS04, and I dont have a copy of FS02 to test it on.

Is there anyone else out there willing to give it a try?
Or maybe might have a good guess what I could have done wrong when installing?

Seeing how avsim has given people trouble with D/L - I could put the downloads on one of my sites and put the link in here
(if thats cool to do)

My membership with Fly Away has not been completed yet 😞
I am still waiting on admin(s) to send me verify email......only been 24 hours 🙄

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Turn your scenery slide to the right, max it out and then you may see the mountain.




I will have to try that - wish i had time to do it now. 😞

I have to reinstall it, so I will post my results later tonight.

Tankz 4 all Your help Radar!


Well, Turns out the game was starting me off in the middle of the mountain!
(no wonder I couldnt go too far)
Starting off at another airport close to it, the mountian is there!
Just the scenery around the mountain is having issues - the landscape, (lake, park, train, airport, olympic buildings, and more), is flashing really bad like its conflicting with the background that FS04 already has. You can make it out if you look hard enough.
The lazer show is "slightly off" from where it is supposed to be, but you can see it.

Followed your suggestions, and ended up sending an email to the creator of these files.

To my supprise - I GOT A REPLY!!

"As for it working in FS2004, I am afraid I have not been able to find a way. It doesn't work correctly on my system either."

Goes on telling me that his work schedule will keep him from anymore FS editing.


Guess Ill add a comment about it on what we'd like to see in the next FS post here.

If there is anyone else out there who knows where I could find this scenery for FS04, or can attempt to fix these files to work on FS04 - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

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To bad it doesn't work in 2004,yes most of the designers are very nice and will reply to a polite e-mail.
Meanwhile I'll look around for another.



Just got another email from him.

If you do find someone who wants to take on the project of updating it for FS2004, tell them to email me. I can send them a lot of stuff that might make their job a whole lot easier.

Im not one to broadcast someones email address on a forum (we all hate SPAM) - so those interested please post here.

ps - looking into launching a dedicated server for FS04. Located in TX, on T3 connection. Been talking to the company that has been hosting my MOHAA BT server, and got them trying to figure out a price for me.
I also have to look into how to actually run one - lol.
Im sure its nothing like my current server, but have my fingers crossed that we can get this to work.
Seems FS04 servers are hard to catch actually running.


radar - if posting this link is not allowed - just delete this post.

Anyone insterested in working on this can use the contact link on this website:

I will make another link there with the stone mountain files to download soon.

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No, the link is fine, I'm sure that some will be interested in the updated scenery.
Good luck with the new server idea, you have an impressive site I looked around.

Here's a cool smilie for your site.


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