Scenery for Stone Mtn, Atl Ga - NEED HELP!


For those who havent read any posts in the similar topic below this one:

These scenery files were made for FS 2002, and does not work (very well)on FS 2004.

I have contacted the creator of this scenery, and he is willing to help anyone who is interested in fixing these files to work on FS 2004.

There is a lot of detail put into this scene:
Mountain with carvings
Olympic Buildings
Air Port
LAZER SHOW! (summer nights)
FIREWORKS! (summer nights)
and more!

This scene is my home town, airport is my first flight EVER, and there is a lot of historical background to Stone Mtn.

I would really appreciate anyone who is willing to try to fix these files to work on FS 2004! I'm sure I'm not alone on that.

I put the files on the following website:

Those who are interested - please use the "contact us" link
(or click here - )
and I will reply to you with the creators' email address if you need to contact him.

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