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Positioning AI Aircraft

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Chris102 Chief Captain

Is there anyway to position a parked AI aircraft? By this I mean set it to always be parked at the same spot at a certain airport. Also, is it possible to rename an airport in FS9 so it comes up as the new name?

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Martin (Blake14) First Officer

i don't think you can change the position of AI aircraft

JCFH Guest

Simple. Download AFCAD2. Access AFCAD file for airport. Locate parking spot. Give a 3-4 letter code to parking spot. Go to aircraft.cfg file for aircraft of choice.

under the aircraft details "flighsim.xx" put the following lines if not there already:

atc_parking_types=[type in parking type ie "GATE" if gate wanted]
atc_parking_codes=[type in same code as you already allocated to the parking spot in the AFCAD file]

Once you get good at AFCAD you can even add new parking spots anywhere, as long as these are linked by an apron or taxiway connector!

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