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I was on AlphaSim's website

They have scenery for Andrews AFB, which includes Air Force One and the presidential limousine. Is there any freeware scenery available like this?

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There are many various add ons available for FSX. From static scenery and objects to ai flights. For Andrews there are the suv and secret service. there are the 747s, the marine 1 fleets are available ,everything from the very visible chopper that transports the President from the white house lawn, which is also available to the stealthier ch53 versions. you can take the limo or anything youd like. camp david and or the west coast retreat. use youre search engine fsx scenery presidential. there are a minimum of 1 million freeware downloads pertaining to fsx and plenty of payware. freebird freeworld create youre own. Do it to it. Semper Fi

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