FSX "SEARCH ADD-ON SCENERY" missing all scenery

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On a new Windows 10 PC I have loaded FSX plus Accelerator and several aircraft, airport and scenery DVDs. I can fly around without a problem except the scenery is default. I know I successfully loaded scenery as when I go to Scenery Library I see 156 areas listed (the default plus the add-ons).

But I I go back to the main screen and initiate a free flight then push the Current Location Change... button I am shown just the default scenery. There is a radio button "Search add-on scenery" but when selected I get nothing shown - just empty panes. How can I enable the loaded scenery please ?


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Check this out paying special attention to step 4.



CaptainEugene Guest

Thanks for that RadarMan. I'm still not in action though.

All the (4) scenery add-ons do seem to be loaded successfully as I can access them in Settings > Scenery Library. Indeed I can Edit them there too. One of my add-ons is even under the default directory path
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery
but just like the others although it appears in the library it is not available for a flight. I have confirmed that this is more than an absence of ability to select it when clicking the 'Search add-on scenery' radio button by having a flight around the locations and noting the poor quality rendition of the scenery.

I have installed two planes and they are selectable, but my airport and scenery are hiding. I just don't know how to proceed to track down the cause of them being shown in one part of the program but not in another.

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Did you click in the white space after adding the scenery as it says in #4.


CaptainEugene Guest

I didn't as I am on Windows 10 and that part indicated it related to Windows 7.

I have just deleted one item (an airport) then using the steps in #4 (including clicking the white space) added it back. Alas, the problem remains. I have checked the box to clear the scenery cache and see that the database does get rebuilt but still without my airport or other scenery.

To be sure I'm doing the right thing, I am selecting the folder that contains two folders: scenery and texture.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Scenery add-ons have always been difficult to figure out when they go wrong.
It's usually one simple thing that we can't put our finger on.
All I can say is check out the read-me that came with the download, you can even email the designer for help, they are a nice bunch.


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