Advice on landing the A330 for FS2002

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Crying or Very sad i am very sad. After i completed a 6 hour flight from gatwick to riyadh in a Gulf Air A330 i was on the final and the plane became very heavy and started to slow very rapidly i kept increasing the engines but nothing was happening. I have tried many practice flights and just cant seem to land the damn thing!! Evil or Very Mad
I have flown big planes like this before on FS2002 and have never had problems before. Is this just em doing something wrong or is there a special way to land this aaircraft? 😂

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Evil or Very Mad If your mad then so am i 😂

What model a330 was it (is it for fs9)

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the model was for FS2002 and it seems to not want to land!!! advice?

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😀 Hello again

😞 I may be just that particular model is not compatable with fs9 😞

However many 2002 Airbus are and its again trial and error

Getting an Airbus for fs9 (a good one) has taken some time but they are slowly starting to come on line

There is a very nice one on the Avsim site

Go to file downloads(top left) and search a330 in fs2004 original aircraft
and you should get avery nice Quantas bus
Have not found a Gulf Air one yet but hang on in there it should'nt be long

😀 Good luck 😀

Dont forget to let us know how you get on

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Nice one, i will 😉

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