RAF Brize Norton to Bardafoss AFB (Norway)

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Hi folks, ive just flown from RAF Brize Norton (Oxfordshire, England) to Bardufoss Air Base (Northern Norway) in an E3F (AWACS) via High Altitude airways and i must say it has been some of the most amazing scenery ive ever seen in FS2004, with plenty of Ai traffic en-route, but i have installed about 20 of PAI's packages.
I fully recommend this flight route, but watch out for the landing at Bardufoss AFB its at the bottom of a steep hill, which makes for intresting landings though!!!

many thanks for reading this post 😂


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Cool flight mate - I landed at Brize Norton the other day - I'm doing a tour from Lands end up to Wick Airport (Near John O'Groats), it's called the UK Tip to Tip tour !

I'm flying on the Lockheed Vega and I landed at Brize Norton for a refuelling stop.

Glad you enjoyed the hop over to Norway !

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