My FS2006 wishlist

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To the Microsoft Flight Simulator Masters at Redmond,
this is my personal wishlist for FS2006:

- realistic aircraft line-up on runway approaches, real feeding, no more two or more aircraft in a distance of 300 feet to make most of them go around

- much better and more realistic aircraft sounds, especially for jets

- airport ambience sounds

- better frame rates

- a blanko (non-audible) Captains voice to speak own ATC answers

- more realistic A/P

- weather radar

- high-speed taxiways to make AI traffic leaving the runway faster

- pushback communication procedure

- realistic autoland feature for jets

- realistic holding patterns when there's a lot of traffic

- programmable CDU

- Editor for multi-leg flight plans, for example KSAN–KSFO–KPHX–KLAX (not for AI)

- TCAS system

- Pilots chatter and more different ATC voices

- multi-monitor use for multiscreen view

- AI traffic should use jetways and waypoints (only if that wouldn't make giant flightplans)

- payload editor for Pax and freight weight

- EICAS system

- ... and we simply don't need the virtual cockpits.


"The price doesn't play a role for real simmers!"

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

If you want Microsoft to receive it, put it here ---->

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Greg (FL050) First Officer

How do people miss the sticky that has 1000 replies in it? 😳

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