Do You Want Sound For Your AI Helicopters? READ THIS!!!

muppetflyer_1 Guest

I have done it :d

It was said in a post one time that theres no way to create the sound of a (ai helicopter) because it was not programmed into the engine of flight simulator.

Well with just a bit of jiggery pockery you can.

Now at last you can hear the sound of your helicopters and i think you can, as i have not tested it yet create many difrent types of sound factorys for every single model in the world
and its all thanks to that amazing programe.


Now where to begin

1.You need this amazing programme you can buy it for round about £14.00 british pounds sterling $17 us

2. with your ai helicopter installed all you need to do is...

place this coding in your bell or any other helicopter config file at the bottom

note (i have only tested this model) bell 206b you can try others if you wish


3.Now using the 2 original wav files for the default bell 206b, rename the he4 to (b206b_rr_pwr) and the xhe4 to (b206_rr_spool) you can do either for effect ,just experiment

Then copy and paste these wav files into your aibsound folder which can be found in program files in your main fshotsfx folder

Then load fshotsfx and go to
(refresh ai arcraft)

and thats it!


You will only hear the sound when take off it uses the default sound when in preperation whilst in taxi mode unfortunatly

now you can experience true helicopter ambience at your airports even when they fly by

go fly and enjoy!!!!

I would not like to take the credit for this idea it was helped by paul haak it a true genius it was his insperation that guided me to try this

All replys welcome

This is a completly freeware idea

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