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Andy2005 Guest

I find that some of the instructions in flight simulator 2004's flight notes don't don't always make sense or are contradicting. For example, in the 737 flight notes it says set power to 90 percent n1 and pitch up to 6/7 degrees to climb at 250kts. However, with these configurations the plane will go alot faster than that. Has anyone else found problems with any flight notes? Can anyone give me any help on the topic?

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Bartholomew First Officer

I have found exactly the same problem.

For example: in the Learning Center it says that you should advance the throttles to 100% of N1 on takeoff and rotate to approximately 10 degrees nose up pitch. (Talking about 737-400)
However in the flying lesson, Rod Machado instructs you to advance the throttles to 95% of N1 and rotate to 20 degrees nose up pitch.
I listen to Rod and do as it's written in the ground school material. The difference between the Learning Center and the lessons can get a bit confusing, so I advice you to go through the flying lessons and fly Cessna, Beechcraft and 737-400 by them. As about the other airplanes, do listen to the Learning Center rather than their check lists.


Andy2005 Guest

Good to know that its not just me. I'll have a look over the ground school stuff. 😀
Anyone else having similar problems?

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