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To celebrate the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 on the 29th July, we have added many more FS2004 screenshots to our screenshot library for you to enjoy. Our FS2004 library now contains 125 high quality screeshots from Flight Sim 2004. Click here to view them:

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freadjr Trainee

great picsw 😎

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ricco Trainee


Whats the best way of taking screen shots? Because when I 'Prt Scr' and Tab out to an art program a few times I end up with a laggy game! 🙄



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There are some screenshot programs out there. I think there is one called fsscene - try a search for that. 😀

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colly Trainee

Try Screen shot Manager v.2.3.An excellent download from FS Design.

tinou Guest

i use print screen to take a picture but where this pictures is located for see it ou print it

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Eric33 Trainee

tinou wrote:

i use print screen to take a picture but where this pictures is located for see it or print it

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RadarMan Chief Captain

The screenshot key sends 1 shot to the clipboard where you save it and then turn it into a jpg for use anywhere.
You can resize it also.
This is an excellent free program to use, don't forget to register it.


Or go to


and get FSSCREEN as Flyaway said.

File Description:
This is a small, yet very useful utility for taking screenshots in FS98/FS2000/FS2002 without having to pause the flight sim, so that you can paste into MSPaint. Developed by Matthias Holzer, this tool stores your screenshot everytime you hit the "Print Screen" key and stores that screenshot in your FSSCREEN folder and it can store up to 1,000 screenshots, while you never have to stop or pause your flight sim! (JW)

Filename: fsscreen.zip
License: Check within download
Added: 11th November 2001
Downloads: 8759
Author: Matthias Holzer
Size: 25kb

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