Where to play CFS3 online?

Barnsey Guest

I've recently got cfs3 and used to play cfs2 and i can only seem to find a few games on the multiplayer option whereas on cfs2 it was done through zone i think and there was loads, is it just me or is there a site you can connect through where everyone is playing?

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IMS_Dakota Guest

You can only play it through the games interface. Depending on your location and the time of day that you check you can find up to 20 games going on.

But usually there are at least 4 or 5 of them

Willus Guest

why cant I create an account?
It keeps saying network error bla bla bla,
iv unblocked it in windows firewall too


HELPPPPP Mad Mad Mad Mad IM getting ANNOYEd Mad Mad

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Your annoyed? If you stated your problem clearly we might have been able to help but bla bla bla doesn't tell us anything.
Go to Zone support and they can help.


emericaforever Guest

is there any way to log on?

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emericaforever wrote:

is there any way to log on?

I don't think they host CFS any longer.


guestman Guest

i have had cfs3 for a while they still host games for two and three (these are tho ones i have because they don't host one) you can play @

and @

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