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Installed this last night (on FS2004) and the display flickers violently, even when another aircraft is selected. My whole simulator environment is basically dead with all of this flickering. The real tease is that the plane (what I can see of it!) looks real well designed and high on the eye/ear candy scales.

Tonight I will try restoring the contents of my "Effects" folder to its default state to see if I can at least get the rest of my planes flicker-free. Too bad this may render this excellent Concorde unusable.

Is there a known problem/conflict in any of the DLLs? If so, I might be able to test/debug them (I am a Windows Coder by day) in return for being able to fly this excellent plane.


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Has it always flickered, is this a new install.

What are your system specs especially the video card.
How old is the monitor and are you running at the default sim settings.


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The flickering is new. The install is a few months old. I have several other downloaded jets and props installed as well. Some of them are older (FS2002) models, like the "Ready For Pushback" 747-200. This one also has some quirks in FS2004 (like loud static sounds when landing or taking off), but I love the heavy metal too much to leave it alone.

Monitor: Envision 1280x1024@85hz
Video: NVIDIA WinFast A6600 GT TDH
CPU: AMD Athalon 64
I run FS2004 at the same resolution as my desktop (above), and it was fine and flicker-free until I installed this package.

I was able to eliminate the flickering by removing all of the "*conc*" files from the "effects" folder. The smoke and mirrors no longer work, but this affects the exterior views only. Did a London to Paris IFR last night without too many problems; a dialog kept popping up whenever I cycled to the "cockpit" view (I always use TrackIr and virtual cockpit but sometimes like to look at the outside), and a Windows default beep would go off occaisionally, but this could be side effects from the missing control panels there (the project mach 2 site had the links to the control panels labeled as "Under Construction," and the "Alternate Panel" is hosted by Avsim; I have no account there).

It would be nice to get my hands on a working control panel for those more challenging IFR landings in which the added motion of the TrackIr gets too distracting.

It would also be nice to get the flickering to go away when the contrails and stuff are included in the effects package.


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