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Hi everybody!
I'm a fan of FS2004 (just as you are) and I have a question! What I know about it, is that it's only possible to hear/read the ATIS wheater information before take-off and a few moments before landing. But is it also possible to hear/read it while I'm flying and how? When I'm flying VFR I can contact different towers but there's no option to ask wheater information, nor when I'm flying IFR. So is that possible at all?
Sander 😎

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ATIS is nothing more than the weather transmitted on a radio frequency. the station transmitting the data has only a limited range. If you want to get ATIS, just tune your COM1 to the ATIS frequency. That frequency can be found in the Map pull down tab, by double clicking on the airport and scrolling through the frequencies until you get to ATIS.

ATIS usually can be heard about 30 miles from the airport, give or take. 😎

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