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Over the past couple of months I've been doing some serious thinking Wall Bashing about where I should go and what should I do with work. Now Warehouse operative is not what we call the best paid job in the world.

When this shop buggered my PC up I was angry that I couldn't fix it myself so I did a search on google on IT courses. I found one and signed up for some information.

On Monday this guy came round from a college and showed me what the course involes etc etc. The two courses I signed up for are PC Installation & Maintenance(A+) and IT Networking (N+) they both take about 6 Months each to do. So in a year's time I should be fully quailfied IT Technician . Now this something I would enjoy and love and the sooner I complete the first part of the course I can say "up yours guv"

The pay is quiet good as well A+ starts from £14,000 - £20,000 and N+ £20,000 - £25,000.

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👍 Fantastic, there is a need for good IT people and the bonus is that you can help me when I'm ready to build my new machine.

I wish you all the best in your new profession! Yes


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Go for it...

I made the leap in professions two a little more than two years ago and went into the military to fly.

I don't regret a single day...

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Cheers guys I should have done this when I was still at school because it wouldn't have cost a penny now it's setting me back a good £2000 but money well spent Yes

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