Ai traffic problems

Simon1991 Guest

I've got a problem.
Last time I installed approximately 200 airlines from PAI and MRAI. Everything is ok, but problems starts at final approach. At busiest airports it's possible to see few airplanes approaching one-by-one in distance of maybe half mile. First is landing normally, but the next ones need to go around.
Is there any chance to fix it?
It's impossible to flight like that!


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tomthetank Chief Captain

You could try cutting the number of AI traffic

Also try d/loading "fsconfigurator" as this has a taxi speed tool that works,making all aircraft clear the runway a bit quicker

I will find a link for fscon shortly

😀 found it ➡

Simon1991 Guest

I downloaded FSconfigurator and changed taxi speeds and added few more options, and now it's working better, also Ai. Seems that in speeds there was the biggest problem...
Extremily thanks for help!
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Simon1991 Guest

FSConfigurator really helped me, but there's still problems with the distance of from-to approaching planes, so FSC didn't fixed EVERYTHING...
I'll be thankful for any response.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

If you have too many aircraft comming in to land ,turn the traffic setting down by 5 and try again

Simon1991 Guest

Ok. I reduced traffic and it's now working fairly... Less cool but more real. Anyway, extremily thanks for help 😂 😎 😛 🙄 😉

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