change of Cockpit Glass color (textures?)

gunslinger68 Guest

Hello !

Could you help me get the textures for the glass in the cockpit changed into another color for the outside textures ??

I´ve seen so on different F117 models in FS2004 but be not sure how to change the color (maybe a texture or in the model or elswhere)

Thx a lot,


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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

The color of the glass is set in a texture file - this can be changed - but only if you possess a good photo editor and have good knowledge of that editor and have experience in repainting a/c.
Do you have all these? There are tutorials available at Posky.

gunslinger68 Guest

Hello !

Yes i have an good Photoeditor .
(Photoshop CS).

Is there something you must specially looking for ??

RGB Channel or Alpha channel or other things ...??

Thx a lot,



You might have to use the Alpha channel - all depends on the texture.file
The process is too lengthy to cover in a post.
You will need the free file converter - DXTbmp.exe - from -

Not familiar with the Photo Shop CS software but as long as it handles Alpha channel and has layer capability - should be OK.

Think Alpha channel processes covered in Lesson2 2 - but I could be wrong

gunslinger1968 Guest

Hello again !

í´ve tryed everything with the textures but nothing on the canopy glass color changes (Alpha,Brightness,color from 0 to 255,etc) - but i find no texture.bmp where i can identify that this is the glass colour of the canopy.
So everything that i do to get this colour changed - is the same effect - only the textures from the plane changes not the see trough color of the canopy glass.

Is it maybe possible that it is anchored in the model.cfg so (Also the HUD from the VC model)that you have to change the basic of the gmax model ?????

Pleas does this know somebody ??

THX a lot,



Suggest you ask this question in the Repaint Help section of Posky Forum - that's where all the experts are.

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