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Is there anyway to change the color of the canopy glass of aircraft in FS2004? Most of the free downloadable aircraft have really unnnatural blueish or grayish tone of the glass which completely changes the view throught the virtual cockpit and mostly ruins the flying experience. I haven't found any utility allowing to chance this and don't know if it's possible. I'd be happy if it was. Maybe complete removing glass from the canopy would be a solution too. Is there anyway to do this?
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The VC is part of the Model. You can't edit or modify it.

Some of my aircraft have terrible VCs. My workaround is not to use those. Idea

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There may be a texture assigned to the glass parts (this will be necessary for any aircraft being flown in FSX, as untextured parts display as black). Open up the texture files using DXTbmp to see if such a texture exists. If so, you can then edit it's colour and adjust the alpha, in order to obtain more or less opacity.

Lukas GRossmann Guest

I tried to find and edit the glass texture according to your advice but unsuccesfully. Most of the aircrats doesn't have anything like canopy glass texture (at least I couldn't find it) and if they have (glass_t.bmp) then even after editing nothing changes. Do you think you could specify where and how to edit the canopy glass color?
Thank you

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Wondering if you tried adjusting that glass_T texture, to have a more transparent Alpha (using DXTbmp for example). That may lessen the colour somewhat. My idea above was a stab in the dark - the aircraft I'm working on has individual exterior and VC glass textures (as I didn't like the inside to be distorted by the reflectiveness of the normal exterior glass texture). I figured some designers might take the same route so thought to mention it. May be best to contact the designer and see if they might edit their source files accordingly.

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