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Lisbon Intl. Airport is CRAZY!!

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Right now in Lisbon the weather is sunny but WINDY!! And I mean it. I live near a hill and you can't believe that the wind is blowing so fast! The trees are moving like hell...Check the METAR in this website. Remember that the ICAO code for the Lisbon Intl. Airport is LPPT.

I fly to Lisbon maaany times. It is a great airport. Yesterday and today I flew there. Yesterday, my flight was from Zurich to Lisbon. All the approach to runway 3 (my favorite approach) was incredible. Winds everywhere. I made a crosswind landing there with winds about 20 kts!
And today, I was approaching Lisbon Airport using the same approach to runway 3 and the winds were like 18 kts! Another crosswind landing, but they are certainly fun! It is a great experience.

I don't know if runway 3 was the right runway to land...FS ATC doesn't tell me anything about the winds on approach, which runway is in use, and if I should land on another runway. I said, "these winds won't let me down. I'll land this beauty! Real men don't go around!" And there it was me....landing the A319 (an easy aircraft to fly) with winds everywhere! And I always fly in Real World Weather.
I couldn't choose the runway 35 for approach because of the winds too. I was doing a crosswind landing on runway 3...imagine a landing in runway 35 with those kind of winds! Maybe runway 17 was the right runway to land, but there are winds too.

Anyway, if you want to fly to Lisbon Intl. Airport, do it! Fly using Real World Weather, and the actual date. You'll see what I mean.

Oh, by the way, the runway 3 approach is my favorite because you fly over the 25 de Abril bridge and you can see other interesting landscapes. 😉

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

OK, I edited my above post....Man, something's happening to me these days. There were missing words and some mistakes but now they are corrected. 😀

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