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I used to have an f14 panel with autopilot built in but lost 😞 it wondered if anyone knows where i can get it again.

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I found this at , I guess that it's what you want, I hope.

FS-ACOF - FS2004 Panels
FS2004 F-14B Panel And FDE Package

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Name: Size: 5,233,543 Date: 02-16-2004 Downloads: 10149
FS2004 Grumman F-14B Tomcat Panel And FDE Package v2. This package upgrades Dino Cattaneo's F14B model for FS2004. The panel features heads up, heads down and RIO views with catapault and arrestor cables control. Uses a custom FSNavigator interface for IFR, tactical and aircraft carrier autoland. The package includes fuel computer, Apollo GPS, TCAS radar, TCAS HUD, meatball HUD, mini panel and GPWS pull-up warnings. All HUD functions work together with collective intigration. The F-14 FDE is refit from previous F14 FDE that was with Dino Cattaneo's visual model for FS2002. The new FDE features real world F-14B specifications, editable ordinance weights, and has all specifications listed in the FS2004 kneeboard. The autopilot is updated for fighter models with tighter turns and minimal overshoot. The FDE also includes the latest effects for the model. Credit is given to many authors who have taken an interest in fighter aircraft. By John J Schumacher / Schu Engineering.


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Thats the one cheers.

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