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Hi everyone

I have just started flying and are a bit frustrated with a couple of things that maybe you can help me with: I am trying to take off at one place and land safely in another. So I use the flight planner make a short flight and take off - I set the autopilot and also select the ILS frequency in the NAV1 radio. On taking off I use the GPA to navigate me to about 15- 20 NM to my destination- which case I simply I can just do by selecing Nav on the autopilot and havingthe NAV/GPA switch on to GPS. On reaching this point I simply switch my NAV/GPS switch back to NAV and the plane just doesn't seem to obey and heads elsewher and crashes. What am I doing wrong? Also do I need to be level in line with the runway (and at close range) to activate the APR switch? I need for the plane to be able to line itself up on the runway. I am sure you experts now what I am talking about!

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Sorry...Can't help here...I just free fly or mostly use IFR so the controler will call out my altitude and heading as I go along..That way I can go about my business and keep an ear out for my calls....Sometimes my auto pilot unsets itself and I find myselp going off Oh well...Maybe someone else here knows your problem....see Ya.....Mason

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* A/P = autopilot

1. The A/P NAV HOLD mode:

There are two options:
NAV switch is on - The A/P NAV HOLD receives data from the NAV1 radio.
GPS switch is on - The A/P NAV HOLD receives data from the GPS.
In your case the GPS was on, so the A/P received data from the GPS, or simply tracked the GPS course. When you had switched to NAV, the A/P received data from the NAV1 radio, and that's why the airplane suddenly changed course and rapidly. So next time you switch from NAV to GPS, make sure the A/P NAV HOLD is off, or switch to the A/P WING LEVELER.

2. The A/P APPROACH mode:

As they say in the Learning Center: The A/P is there to assist you and decrease your workload, NOT to do the job for you. Don't ever make the A/P do what you can't or don't know how to do it.
Before activating the A/P APPROACH mode, first make sure you have VOR or ILS reading. Then manuever the airplane to the VOR/ILS course. Only then (as you intercept the course) activate the A/P APPROACH mode and the A/P will maintain the ILS/VOR course. In the case of a glideslope, intercept it from BELOW (recomanded). As it moves upward (centers), then activate the APPROACH mode.

Sounds Complicated?
If it does, I will be glad to assist again. 😉


So...let me get it straight: I make my flight plan input say ILS freq in NAV1 and take off. After that I switch to GPS and plane makes necessary adjustments and heads towards the corrct flight path. I monitor everything and then say 20 or so NM from my destination I switch to NAV (and disengage the NAV holder switch on the AP) that should set me on course towards the runway-right? I keep going straight or try to center the double magenta line on HSI indicator-right?

After I intercept the glide slope from below (I assume that means that the marker on the glide scope should be above the level marker) which means I am below I it. At this point I press APR to hold the decent towards the runway-right?

I feel I am doing something wrong-what though?

Anyway thanks for the help so far

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I think you're missing my point here: Don't expect that the A/P to do the job for you. First manuever your airplane to the desired course (or descent path) and THEN activate the A/P. The A/P responds roughly to a course deviation, so make sure you're exactly at the right course and heading.
Let's make an order:
1. File a flight plan, set radio frequencies. 2. Take off. 3. Switch to GPS mode and intercept the GPS course. 4. Activate the A/P NAV HOLD --> A/P maintains GPS course.
1. Turn off the A/P NAV HOLD. 2. Switch to NAV mode. 3. Intercept ILS course and glide slope. 4. Activate A/P APPROACH mode.
In any case: don't switch between NAV and GPS while the A/P NAV HOLD is on!
I think you're trying to make your life easier. It doesn't work this way. You have to be professional first and fly the ILS approach by youself. Keep on practicing. It will worth it.
If you have more questions, I'm here for you.


when you say intercept the ILS-how? Do I muanualyy try to navigate the plane and allign my self with the two parallel lines on the HSI or ...
I understand now that I must be relatively close and within the glide scope to engage the APR switch but when I go from GPS to NAV the plane seems to go wander off and not homing in on the runway..


you asked for it...

When I tried the learning to fly landing solo with ILS approach I switch on the NAV radio ID switch then press the APR and the A/P and the plane veers down and right. I thought that at this altitude with the runway nearly in site I would be guided down.. I think I'm hopless...this is getting really frustrating...

sorry if all these questions are overwhelming

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When I fly to an airport that has an ils I always get pretty much lined up with the ils first. It also helps to be on the glide slope when you set the autopilot. Take it from a real pilot, you should learn to fly an ils by hand first. The results are very rewarding.


Hi again

I am trying out ILS approach lesson in 737. Question. I reach the two VORs and then I am supposed to fly to "NOLA" outermarker with fqz:362.0. I am a bit confused as this is not a freq. foe the NAV1. radio. How do I get there.

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