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I recently referred a girl in my school to a good program for downloading songs, called Bearshare. On my computer, this program works fine, but it's been giving her a few problems, and I wanted to see if anyone could help me. First off, when she downloads Windows Media Player songs, she tries to open them, but then it says Licence aquisition. Also, after downloading it, she can't access any websites. When she opens internet explorer, it goes to some place called instant finder. Please help -- I feel bad for referring her to a program which caused problems. I don't think they are major problems, but just need some prescription. Thanks.

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How about a virus/spyware check?

crosscheck9 Guest

No virus's/spyware - I already asked her to make sure 😉

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Those file-sharing programs (most of them anyway) are nothing but trouble. I lost 3 computers from using iMesh.

I occasionally use WinMX. It comes spyware-free, but the d/load rate is a little slow.

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I agriee with Chris that these programms is trouble makers.
The media player licence problem happens sometimes and it depends from the link you have download the tracks.A friend of mine has given me some tracks in past which when i double click them i have the licence message and same time opens my IE...probably they contain an order to do this.The link that she gets when opening the IE maybe could change if she choose ''about blank'' or anything else from the option menu of IE.Although sometimes the problem is not solved.
I think that all these happens cause of spams so try a more carefully cleaning with a good programm(spy boot for example)

(update it before use)

I personally use for my mp3 downloads(which are not many)the following link.

No spies,no add ons.

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