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Cessna 310 from Flight 1

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Hello everybody. I was looking at the Cessan 310 from Flight 1, and was thinking of buying it. I was wondering what people thought about it, and if there is any other multi-engine piston (not turbo prop) planes. Here is the link for the 310-

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Since I don't have it, I can't say for certain, but other Flight1 offerings are pretty good. As this is one of their older models which runs on FS2002 and 2004, as well as not needing the fastest computer, I'd suspect that it would be easy on computer resources, but might not have all the latest features.

The only twin (non-turboprop) I can vouch for (I have it) is the FSD Cessna 337 at

It flies well, has bells and whistles (more accurately tie-downs and wheel chocks), but does not require a degree in rocket science to operate. It has the further advantage of being able to be configured to use Reality-XP's custom gauges.

Aero-Man Guest

Ok, thankyou for your help.


I have this plane and really like it... in a bit of wind, it really "feels" like a small plane. As I understand it, the real 310 can be a bit sensitive in roll because of the outboard fuel tanks - the Flight1 version gets this down (maybe a little too well). There's a revised flight dynamics file for it on the web (I think on the Flight1 support forum) which tames its roll instability a bit.

The VC is really excellent and mostly clickable, although not quite as "photorealistic" as some. The 2D panel is great.

Its one of the planes I come back to often because it has some personality in terms of flight dynamics, and its fast enough to actually cover some terrain in a shortish VFR flight.

Hope that helps...

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Its one of the planes I come back to often because it has some personality in terms of flight dynamics

That is one of the best recommendations a plane can have. I might just add it to my fleet.

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The idea of a plane with personality got to me. I bought it. My first flight with it was from St a thunderstorm.. Wowee! What fun. I really had to work at it. And, I can see why having wing tanks makes it susceptible fo roll problems.

That said, in calm air, properly trimmed, you can take your hand off the stick and fly for miles.

It will get a lot of use here. I didn't expect to be the "beneficiary" of this thread.

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Cool ! Glad you like it! Now, I can get my sales comission from Flight1... 🙂

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I've got it too. It is one "Wobbly Goblin" to fly. But I like it.

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Keep the following two things in mind.

1) The tanks on the ends of the wings accentuate roll.
2) The engines aren't counter-rotating and accentuate yaw.

The plane likes to be finessed, not man-handled.

The roll part is pretty obvious, but the yaw part can be demonstrated by putting it on autopilot, going to the spot plane view in the one o'clock position and making a moderate, but rapid throttle change.

I've done a couple of flights with it. The first from KLAX to KPSP. I crashed just past the numbers, right on the center line. Yup, after all these years, I forgot to lower the landing gear. Crying or Very sad

The second flight from Cairo to Abu Simbel was uneventful.

My project for today is to see how to land in a crosswind with it. Blink

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