Hiya , can anyone skin as i....

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🙂 Hiya ,

can anyone skin really good , as i have tried really hard and i cannot skin , i would love it if someone would , do me a AIR SLOVAKIA plane as it would be a nice surprise for my dad to play with as we had out 1st holiday on a plane as it was AIR SLOVAKIA so if anyone could do me that i would be really pleased , thanks , please contact me on for more details

Kind regards Hayley xXx 🙂

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

I think by skin you mean livery, and I don't know if anyone here is willing to dedicate the time to making it, but follow the link below and see if there's anything you like. All freeware - but be aware of which aircraft are AI, and which are flyable 😉

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