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BAe 146 / Avro RJ

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i've been taken in my these aircraft! they look quite nice and are so easy to fly due to the slow landing/take-off speeds - and i currently do have a fascination with grass/crappy runways.

anyway i've tried 4 different bae's/rj's so far, these being:

- Jon Murchison model. very nice, i prefer the cargo one, but i can't get the ground stuff working; not that that's an issue. flys quite well and has visible in-cockpit wings so yay 😀 however, it's a bit too heavy on my system sometimes for my liking, and has a few model flaws. excellent for freeware though.

- Fernando martinez a1 model, i completely made it into a flyable craft using the sim/config of above aircraft. looks fantastic and very easy to paint on the outside, but has a transparent model when in the cockpit. i demand wing/engine views hehe.

- Paul Hannity's model. looks brilliant and has a vc with no textures (argh!). also, it takes an age to load all the individual textures. got rid of it.

- i just noticed mike stone has made one (downloaded from fsnordic in a diff texture). it loads instantly of course, looks and flies quite nicely - but importantly (for me) lacks visible wings again soo...arse.


so basically i was wondering what aircraft you sugge.sted? i;ve tried all the bae 146's and avro rj's i can find on avsim and i'm not 100% with any of them 😞

cheers, hinch

p.s. my system is pretty ace (1gig ram, 256 geforce graphics card, 3.4gig pentium 4), but having to wait up to 4 seconds isn't on really for a quick outside view. also 12 frames a second or lots of jumping just to load textures doesn;t make me a happy boy.

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post me the best one please lol im a bit Embarassed of a fan

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my fave so far is the

download the 2004 cargo version ups and fed-ex liveries. defo the best one i've found!

i didn;t used to like i even consider them 'good looking' teehee

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