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Problem with GPS approach

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I have been reading the sticky guide on the website that teaches various approaches, all of which are excellent, but I am having problems actually undertaking a GPS approach.

I enter all of the commands to set up the approach, but after the last sentence "Press PROC twice to set up the app" I am stuck.

Am I meant to be using the APP button on my aircraft? Just that when I used it, the aircraft never changed direction or attempted an approach.

Is GPS meant to guide your aircraft into the glide slope?

Any ideas appreciated


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sorry i cant help you 😞

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Whilst I'm no expert. From the playing around I've done on MSFS the GPS approach will not take you on to the glide slope. I think the idea is to take you close enough in range to be able to do the rest of the "legwork" yourself. I suck at anything other than an ILS approach so I keep it at that. Have tried using GPS a few times.

If you do use GPS of course a few obvious things to say, make sure that you "activate approach" in your GPS and make sure that the NAV/GPS switch thingymebob stays on "GPS" otherwise your plane will be guided by whatever's in your radio stack.

Hope this helps (and that someone with a little more knowledge may be able to still add to this)



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beerbadger wrote:

sorry i cant help you 😞

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I haven't tried a GPS approach for a while, so my memory is kind of fuzzy on the subject-- but in general, GPS will provide horizontal guidance only, not vertical. So, it will take you in the direction you need to go, but not get you to the altitude you want. So, it should get you lined up for the approach, but NOT get you at the right altitude to acquire the glide slope. You have to do that on your own.

And the APP button has nothing to do with the GPS procedure. The PROC button is in the GPS display. And besides Loading the procedure, you must Activate it, all within the GPS screens.

You could, however, use the GPS to fly the approach and get you all lined up for the ILS landing, AND tune the NAV radio to the ILS frequency, and take care of getting to pattern altitude on your own, and THEN use the APP button to make the final approach by switching from GPS to NAV when you acquire the ILS signal.


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