personnal jets?

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this question is for people who know about aircraft.

i've managed to find 4. the maverick, the cessna mustang itself, the eclipse (which is awesome - just finishing a panel for it) and also the safire jet from abacus (haven;t decided if it's worth £5 yet though).

i was wondering if you guys knew of other small personnal jets availible for the game as my plane knowledge is limited so i don;t know what to look for if i don't know the name. i found the 'sport jet' which looks very cool, but i haven't found one for flight sim.oh yeah aaaand the hnda.any more?

cheers, hinch

^ the eclipse, excellent freeware - crap panel but mine's out soon 😛

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the Learjet 35 is an excellant private jet. You can find some here . there is also a scenery pack of Antartica which comes with a 35. It can be found on avsim also. go to www.avsim.comlibrary and type in stamar ice base

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