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Hello everyone,
Isnt FSX fun ! Im migrating my skills to jets and have discovered that they all have aerolons ? (extra wing tip flaps) thats for me; and airbrakes. Recently Ive noticed that when sat on the runway before Ive made any adjustments.... my flaps are up on the left, down on the right and the RH airbrake spoiler is not seated closed. Num 5 doesnt reset it. Each take off results in an almight crash.... and a v long reload.

Is there a configuration file for this as it seems to affect all jets.

And yes I have added extra airplanes to my inventory.

Many thanks

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kantk2007 Guest

if you use a joystick, check the calibration settings. Maybe the centrepoint is not, well, centred. If that is not the case, maybe one of your keyboard buttons arebroken and pressed.

hope this helped!!

mipmap Guest

😕 I have noticed a lot of add ons were the "spoilerons" don't work right.
while turnig one way is fine, the other way the aircraft falls out of the sky.
spoilerons work fine one way but both deploy when banking the other!?
while after landing and deploying "spoilers". i notice in spot view while taxing that the spoilers both drop down while turning one way, while the other they are fine!?
I am told its that the original author of the model didnot map them right in the design stage???!!
not sure if thats your problem tho?!

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have you got your num lock on ? therefore it wont reset it.

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