...last chance to download Swedbird Choppers

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Tailhook Chief Captain will cease to exist. The contract runs out on the 25th of December and due to my economical situation I cannot continue to pay for the webspace.

Therefore all my finished designs will not be available for download after that date, nor the R44 package. This the the last chance to download the finished models and to buy, by donation, the R44 package. Neither model will be put on other sites for download. Any attempts to make these models available on other sites is a violation on my copyright and is not allowed.

I wish to thank all that has supported me through these years in development and the Hovercontrol community. It was truly some of my finest hours.

Lasse Lindh

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Thanks. It's a shame that he has to give it up.
The bandwidth costs are more than most people think.
He would have been better off charging a nominal fee for each than to rely on donations.


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Tailhook Chief Captain

Roger that, RadarMan.

As a possible alternative I'd suggest that Governments worldwide start subsidizing what has become an essential part of our lifes and help out guys like Lasse and so many others.

I might just sit down and compose a nice letter to the Queen of Sweden 😀

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