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hi all..

when you are making your flight in the flight plannner which aircraft are considered high altitude aurways and whcih one are low altitude airways???


jarjar oh almost forgot....MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

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The airways themselves are either low or high altitude. Any aircraft can fly on low altitude airways. Any aircraft that can reach 18000 ft. can use High altitude airways. They are called Jet Routes. Jets normally use High altitude airways. They start at 18000 ft. (US). The have a different start altitude in other countries. High altitude airways are comprised of radio stations (VOR or VORTAC) that have more power thus have a longer range than low altitude navaids.

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thank you for your help this helps me a lot Yes

so jets usually fly high altitude airways and smaller planes like oh say.... small prop planes. anyway thanks for your help.

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Actually, any aircraft can use any airway they are capable of reaching. Airways are designated as low altitude (Victor Airways) or high altitude (jet airways). In this case however, the term "jet" is simply a name, not a restriction.

Jets can and do fly on Victor airways. Usually, however, they fly on jet airways because yjey are much more economical in fuel consumption at higher altitudes. There are quite a number of prop planes capable of flying above 18,000 feet and these can, and do, operate on jet airways.

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