Anyone remember EFIS 98?

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been a while since i played this. used to play this a lot in conjunction with FS98 some time ago.

annoying thing was that it used to require a serial number, which unfortunately i have lost. dont ask how, its just not in the box anymore but everything else is.

is there a way i can get round this problem?

i should also say that i have efis 98 installed on another computer, which i installed at a time when i did have the code. Do you think there is a way of extracting the code from this?

if i am unsuccesful in being able to use this programme, are there more up to date navigation software that exist as i am thinking of moving with the times a bit and buying FS 2004.

thanks for your help

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4th down may be able to help you.

Check out.

You may have someone to e-mail that could help.


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thanks for the links. just downloaded that alternative programme.

so do u think there is no way of me retreiving the serial number? is it possible to obtain hacks?

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I've never seen the program and I'm surprised that you can't see the key #.
A hack on something that old, maybe but I doubt it.
See if it's here, I'm not sure what I'm looking for, I would write to them for a new key.



I have also used this program in depth. I have some flight plans to go with some of the FS98 adventures of which the waypoint were created to match the adventures. The latest navigation software is 737 Pilot in command by Wilco Publishing. Its needs FS 2004 though..

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v1: 012-0798-5032415319014
v3: 044-0499-26986103051805

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