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How can you get the details of the J and V airways from fs9 flight planner.
Without GPS, how can you fly airways if you do not know what defines them. The intersections.waypoints are not defined in Fs9.

How did microsoft expect we GPS haters to fly our cessnas on airways?

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Don Wood Guest

I don't know what charts are available in Sim since I have and use the real world charts ($350 per year from Jeppesen for the western US- $1,037 per year for the entire US).

There is a Sim charting service available from Jeppesen ( for $36. With it, as I understand it, you can select and view or print the charts you need, however, they are not legal for real world flights. I've never used this service so I cannot vouch for it but I saw it was available on their web site.

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You need to find all the sectional maps, e6b, airway maps, airport facility directories and so on, on your own. Check with your local FBOs. MS FS assumes you have all the flying gadgets already.

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