How to Install Add-On Scenery (I am Tired)

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Hello Friends,

I have tried to add add-on scenery about 100 times but could'nt add it.

I have done the following things:

No.1 Download the Gatwick Scenery File
No.2 Unzip in temporary folder
No.3 Copy and paste the Scenery Folder to Microsoft Adon Scenery Folder.
No.4 Copy and paste the Texture Folder to Microsoft Adon Scenery\Texture Folder.
No.5 Select Library > Add Area > Select the folder from Microsoft Addon Scenery\Gatwick

After that its successfully Added in the Top of the list but when I restart my Simulator and Click on Create Flight and Search Addon Scenery the list will Empty No Scenery on it.

Please Help me I love this game and wanted to add more scenery in it.

Thank you.
Waiting For Help.

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