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I had in my FS9 Howard Mix installed, which was great. I now did complete FS9 de-install and reinstall from the four discs and plan to add all my add-on airports and scenery (300 in total) to it and also add Howard Mix.
Is it advisible to install HM before or after installation of add-on airports and scenery?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

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The main thing to watch carefully is the layering in your scenery library, follow the individual instructions.

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Thanks Fredericia,
I am aware of imortance of layering, however Howard Mix is a blanket texture replacement, which apparently requires PC defregmenting due to possible clash with addon scenery textures. Since I am totally re-installing FS just needed to know what would be preferred to do first:
Installing Howard Mix
or installing all my add-on scenery (with proper layering ofcourse).
Thanks again,


Hi Howards Mix the latest version has been seriously updated and re-branded to The Natual World 2014. TNW2014 is available as a free direct upload to your desk top or on disk for a P+P charge.
For futher information visit my wed sit

In answer to your Q/ my soft is best installed after the FS9 service pack that way some of the addon airport textues are not changed to my enhanced default textures

Howard (developer)

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