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Hi all,
I just downloaded the Washington state scenery add-on for FSX. I've looked at quite a few install tips, but none seem to work. One particular problem I see (besides it not working) is there is no texture file at all. The scenery files are all .bgl files. When I drop the downloaded file into FSX scenery add-on file, it goes, but then nothing.
I fire up FSX, settings, add new, nothing shows up.....none of the files from the download are there.
I must be missing something somewhere. I have added aircraft with no problems at all.

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Qoestion, You say you clicked new or add area and nothing happened. Did you then continue to click the addon scenery folder and open it to all the scenery files? If so and it 's still not there then yes it would seem to be a download problem. Also look at the size of the files Washington is like 32 Gig. Hope maybe this helps and not to late..     RPFrankenstien

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