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I was just flying PDMG 737-600EL AL from Tel Aviv to Istanbul. While in flight(about 4-5 minutes after take off) I decided to switch to the overhead screen by press O. I was switching off a few lights. Then to go back to the cockpit I went to press M. I couldnt do it. Normally, the icon would change into a hand, but this time it stayed as an arrow.

I had to quit the game mid-air which is very annoying. The more annoying this is that it happened twice in a row.

I could go back to the cockpit screen, and i had to quit the whole game.

I dont understand what would have caused that????

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem before.


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Maybe try using the little bar thingy that you click to display all the different panals - overhead, pilot seat, F/O seat, comm panal etc. rather than using keyboard shortcuts and see if that works.

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I am using the bar. i dont know what the keyboard shortcuts are.

doesnt anyone else have this problem????

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Have you tried the PMDG support page? ➡
They have a support forum as well, surely somebody will be able to help you. Hack 😀

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