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Hello friends,

I am trying to decide which repainting software to aquire. I am new to this venture, having never done this before. I have heard it can be quite confusing for many people... willing to try here. I want to repaint civilan GA aircraft primarily... the first being the MS Skylane, and the Mooney and the Dreamfleet planes.

I would greatly appreciate anyone's knowledge on this matter. Thank you for any insight you may be able to provide.

Have a great day guys!


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Adobe PhotoShop or Paintshop are popular.
Here are some tutorials posted by one of our members that paints.

Good luck with it, show us some screenshots after you finish.


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I have the following suggestions: Get this free Demo version which never expires and keep it as a tool for the future
AbacusFSRepaintDemo.exe available here ➡

This will give you an idea of some basics, but is only meant as a glimpse of what can be done.

RadarMan provided you with a link to the Posky Tutorials which were conceived with AdobePhotoshop in mind. Argueably still the industry standard in graphics editors but not cheap.

Here are two tutorials using PaintShop Pro ➡

You can get a fully working version of Paint Shop Pro X Trial here ➡

Many are of the opinion that for the purpose of repainting aircraft, PSP will give you everything that Adobe Photoshop does. Of course it's much cheaper and requires less processing power.

An even cheaper alternative would be 'SERIF PhotoPlus 10'. Available here ➡

Regardless of which graphics editor you are going to be using, you will need this little utility: DXTBmp available here ➡

All of the repaint tutorials that I'm aware of, were written some time ago - so, needless to say that all graphics editors have newer versions in the meantime. But that's not too big of a problem.

Good luck with your endeavour - drop us a line and let us know how you're getting on Hack 😀

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