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I just finished my first a/c repaint. I used the FS Repaint software from Abacus (the upgraded version that already works with the new versions of nVidia drivers) and the plane I chose was the B737-600 from PMDG (with the own PMDG painting scheme). Well, I opened the plane on the program, loaded and edited all the textures I wanted on Photoshop CS and reloaded those textures on FS Repaint successfully. On the properties of the plane (that appears when you right click on the name of your a/c inside the FS Repaint) I modified the a/c name and it's registration number. My plane looked fine on the program but after that the problem started. I closed the program and ran MS FS2004. I selected my airplane on the database list and as soon as I clicked on its name the game quits. No error message, only goes immediatly back to windows and closes. I don't know if this is relevant but I noticed that the texture files I repainted became smaller after I saved them on Photoshop. For example, the fuselage texture originally was 4mb and now is 3mb. I believe the problem is related with the way I edited the textures or the way I saved them on Photoshop. I also tried to use DTX... something to send the textures to the editor but when comes to save the the file after edited I stuck with the same problem: which saving option I must select. Why the file size changes after edited? Thank's in advance for your help!

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3mb does not sound right at all and FS9 can only take certain BMP formats, i've listed below the file sizes (i think) for a standard 1024x1024 bitmap texture.

256 colour: 0.512mb
DXT1: 0.512mb
DXT3: 1mb
444-4: 2mb
888-8: 4mb

this can vary with mip maps..but you hopefully aren't using them. try saving as one of the above formats (usually 888-8 32bit or DXT3)

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Thank's for your information! I'll try tonight when I get home. What do you think is better, opening the textures from the FS Repaint or using the DTXbmp to do it?

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Thank's for your information! By the way, what's your advice: FS Repaint or DTXbmp to send the textures to the editor? Thank's!

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Thank's but now I did it! My plane from "Power ON" is already flying! 😂

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