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Read this story about a Northwest Airlines Flight Attendent:

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Jason Melancon (Mithheru) First Officer

Now what do you suppose that was doing in her carry-on? That line at the end could be true, but you'd think someone like her that's going through airports almost daily would have checked it in...or even have it shipped.

I saw some strange things while working at the North checkpoint at Sea-tac and operating a CTX (before TSA took over), but I haven't seen any flight personnel carrying something like that.

They would raise quite a stink if we needed to look into one of their bags, but that's about it.

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kianok First Officer

who knows.... people do stupid things from time to time..... flight crew and pilots aren't excluded i'm sure Doh!

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

What I find appalling is the laziness of the newspaper. Arrest records are public records and can easily be obtained. Yet, the paper ran the article with the "identity not released" nonsense.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

It seems the 'StarTribune' needs a boost in readership numbers. Why else make such a fuss?

She says the attendant told deputies she purchased the grenade at an Army surplus store as a present to bring home for her son.

I see no reason to suspect the attendant of lying.

Thanks to the NRA and other like-minded organisations and the support they receive from the public at large, you can buy a whole arsenal of weaponry over the counter or on-line.

I feel safer inside an aircraft than I do walking down the road.

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Jason Melancon (Mithheru) First Officer

kianok wrote:

who knows.... people do stupid things from time to time..... flight crew and pilots aren't excluded i'm sure Doh!

Are you sure? The way I've seen some of them while working at Sea-tac you'd think they were way above any mortal laws. The very first day I started working at the checkpoint as a supervisor we have a pilot come through and him and I had an argument for nearly 10 minutes about us looking inside one of his bags.

And while I was working at the CTX checked baggage scanner another pilot wouldn't let me open his bag claiming that I would put something in there. What would I possibly put in there and why would I want to do that? Were the screeners treated that badly before TSA took over? In quite a few instances, yes. Are they still treated badly? Probably.

OK...enough now before I really get on a roll here.

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Bindolaf Captain

Read carefully:

a real but inactive

which means it had no charge, it was just the shell. An idiotic gift to bring a child, but there's nothing we can do about that. Totally harmless. That aside, yea I do feel safe in airplanes and airports - at least not less so than anywhere else.

My advice? Don't throw your Newspeak dictionary at that blurry cinemascope image of Emmanuel Goldstein. Think freely.

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Insight Chief Captain

Hey Kianok... thats a crazy image you have in your sig?

is it real?

did the aircraft recover ok?

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

I think that she didn't do it on purpose. But at the end of the never know Umm...

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