A flight sim that involves ww2 bombing missions?

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Where can I find a flight sim that recreates the daring bomber missions of ww2. I'd love to fly a night mission over germany in a lancaster, trying to survive the flak and the night fighters but where is there a sim that can do this?

If anyone knows, can they email at mattb0102@hotmail.com with some pointers?

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Hey there

Unfortunately the sim used for the videos in my other post doesn't have a flyable lancaster in it but it does have some flyable bombers none the less!

The people who made IL2 Forgotten Battles are currently working on their battle of britain project which we hope might include such things

You can still get some good low level missions in with the Beaufighter torpedoiing ships and the like 🙂

I think its the best WWII flight sim out there...

If you want something thats a bit more of a rounded WWII experience, you could always look at www.wwiionline.com

Its a pay monthly game based in WWII where you can take part in huge strategic bombbing raids, drive tanks, push anti tank guns about, run about as infantry etc etc etc all over a 230km wide map.

Most of the fighting is done in Belgium and northern France and it is superb fun, especially if you want that "small cog big machine" feel.

The gfx are not pretty to look at but the game play more than makes up for it once you're involved in a squad.

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Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3.

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I never really liked CFS3, the campaign is absolutely rubbish and possibly one of the most poorly thought out campaign systems I have ever seen.

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Oh.... Then I guess you wouldn't like Combat Simulator 2, either. I don't know of any other stand alone programs. You may be able to find a add on for a particular battle or mission. 🙂

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CFS 2 if I recall correctly was much better than CFS3.. it just looks so dated now

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CRJCapt wrote:

Oh.... Then I guess you wouldn't like Combat Simulator 2, either.

Not necessarely - and I'm certainly not the only one with that opinion.
Search the CFS forums and you'll find that the majority of enthusiasts would agree with me despite the fact that CFS2 is a little older than CFS3.

Unless you actually own both Sims and have used them you cannot possibly arrive at a comparison.

Even now I would still wholeheartedly recommend CFS2... and even now enthusiasts still create new add-ons in the form of a/c, missions, scenery etc.

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Yes, I remember installing CFS3 after I had been playing CFS2 alot... while it was prettier than CFS2 it was not a better game by any means.

I still prefer the combined IL2 Forgotten Battles + Aces Expansion Pack + Pacific Fighters installation though - an absolutely fantastic damage model..

In the first video I linked to in my IL2 Movies thread (Failed to Return) - when I landed the desert colours Beaufighter wheels up it was clear I had no rudder as some angry Japanese fighter or AA gun had removed it - what you couldn't see was that the control cables to my elevator had been shot out and I had to get the aircraft on the ground using only engine power and ailerons 😳

I read about this feat having been done in real life in a book called "The Armed Rovers" about Beauforts and Beaufighters Torpedoing ships trying to resupply Rommel's lot in Africa. One of the pilots had his elevator controls show out and flew it home and landed wheels down! with no incident! The navigator had to move up and down the fuselage to shift weight balance, and that coupled with the fact he still had trim tab control on the elevators he managed to get the aircraft down safely...

So I thought I would have a crack at it instead of bailing out... luckily I managed to pull it off 🙂 I was actually shaking afterwards though lol - now thats immersion for you Wink

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