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While sitting here,,5:15 AM my time ..Happily reading and typing away I noticed something I have never seen....

A PURPLE DINO next to my user name........OK now....How did that get there and just what does it mean??????lol 😳

You must think that I remind you all of *Barney*.....OUCH...That hurts...Can't stand that

OK...How do I ,,and can I change that ????

Or better yet,,who will do that for me??? HEHE I know nothing about changing Avs...Where can I get a cool one????

My life is over...Reduced to the likes of a big purple dinosaur....... Crying or Very sad

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Harleyman... you must have selected that one when you signed up a while ago. If you do not select them, it assigns you a default blank one - but you have the Dino? You can change it by going into your profile (link at top of forum) and changing you are avatar to something else. You can upload your own or select one of the pre-configured in our avatar gallery (easiest).

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