FS2004 - What Add-ons you got ? (PAYWARE)

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

I wondered if fellow Fly Away people fancied starting a Topic here where you can list the add-ons that you use in FS2004, so that others can see summaries of what is out there. I don't really know half of what is available. So that this doesn't get too big, let's stick to PAYWARE on this Topic and use a separate Topic for Freeware.

I'll start with my Modest Add-on list:-

1. Commuter Airliners (Eurowings) - Boxed Add-on
2. Dash 8-300 - Boxed Add-on
3. 727 Pro - Boxed Add-on
4. World Airports 2 (buying tomorrow) - Boxed Add-on
5. Cessna 310 (buying tomorrow) - Boxed Add-on

.... As I have no Home Internet connection at the moment I have NO Downloaded Add-one but others of course will get the majoriy of their add-ons in this way.

Let's see what ya have!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

I have bought

Traffic 2004 = (boxed) more than enough traffic now 👍

European enhanced terrain =(boxed) mountians now touch the clouds 👍

Ermm... Thats all I have bought for fs9 but I am running a few things which I bought for fs8

VFR Photgraphic scenery vols 1 & 3 = (boxed)works well in fs9 👍

Airport 2002 = (boxed) Umm... it works. 🤔 but.........there is better freeware about now for fs9

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Right now the only pay-ware I have is Ultimate Traffic.
I'm waiting for USA roads to come out on CD.


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I've got ActiveCamera

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