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FS 2004 NO SOUND Tried everything HELP !

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NO Sound in FS2004 at all in ANY feature. FS on/off sound toggle has NO effect

In order to avoid all "standard" remedy suggestions I have done the following:
Confirmed all system / sound card / volumes / playback devices / are ON and functioning properly.
(Computer sound works in ALL other computer functions except FS )

This seemed to occur immediately after downloading and installing an add-on file for F-16 sound enhancement. HOWEVER, suspecting the problem was related to that, I did the following: Removed ALL add-on files COMPLETELY from my computer. Then, performed a successful UN-install of FS, then did a "Clean" re-install from disks. STILL, NO sound in FS.

Any suggestions other than the "standard " would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Please only post one message in the best forum for your topic. I've deleted 4 duplicate messages.

Try looking here, it may help:

It's surprising to think that an aircraft sound enhancement add-on can disable the sound for the whole sim. I don't think it's that.

If you've completely uninstalled/re-installed FS2004 then that should eliminate problems with certain files being overwritten.

What sound card/system/setup do you have?

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Also, check the "related topics" at the foot of this post - they may be relevant.

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You posted again the same message in another 4 forums here. Please stop posting the same message.

Forget it Guest

I'm sure I have the answer but people who just post everywhere drive me mad. Find the answer yourself, you annoy me too much!

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